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Web Extension

Safari and Chrome web extension, syncing Amex & Chase Offers, and more

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Free vs. paid, linking your purchase, and more

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Use AutoPilot to see which card to use as you walk into every store, right on your lock screen, automatically

Augmented Reality (AR)

Point your camera at any store and see which card to use there — like magic

Nearby Pointers

Use your location to find which card to use at the stores closest to you automatically

Location Reminders

Know which card to use when you arrive at a store, automatically

Apple Wallet Passes

Open Apple Pay and know which card to use for any purchase

Favorite Offers

Add all of your offers, but never forget the most important ones

Share Sheet

Share any URL or text to the CardPointers share extension to know which card to use

Unable to log in with email

Fix for an Apple OS bug around the login form

Unable to add or delete cards

A quick fix for a bug affecting some users upgrading from v3 to v4

Differences between the iPhone and Android app

Each app is custom-built for each platform for best performance

How to Install on Safari

Available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

How to Install on Chrome

Available on any PC

Adding Amex, Chase, BoA, and Citi Offers

Auto-Add every offer or just a few across all of your cards

Chase Offers Not Updating on Website

Chase’s new interface for Offers is delayed

Chase Offers Peculiarities

Tips on adding Chase Offers

Refresh cards and offers

Manually refresh your active cards and offers

“Something went wrong” error on

How to fix syncing Amex Offers

Web Extension Permissions

More information about extension permissions

Differences between free vs. paid

Linking a purchase to your account

How to cancel a subscription or request a refund

Will opening new credit cards hurt my credit score?

Why aren't my card recommendations appearing in the right order?

What are point values / how do I use the points that I earn?

Why don't you have my card in the app?

How do I update incorrect information about a card?

Can I change the color of a card?

Can I add multiple versions of the same card?

How much does CardPointers cost?

Who makes CardPointers and how did it start?