Augmented Reality (AR)

The new Augmented Reality (AR) mode is one of my very favorite features of the app, as it combines nearby pointers and the best card wizard in the easiest interface imaginable — just point your camera at a store and you’ll see an overlay showing you your best card there, and if you have any Amex or Chase Offers available. It truly feels like magic, and it’s available as of June 1st with CardPointers v4.6 on iPhone and iPad.

You can open AR mode in 4 different ways:

  • Via the For You screen by choosing AR in the Best Card Pointers section
  • Via the new Lock Screen and Home Screen widgets called “View in AR”
  • Via App Shortcut, just say “Hey Siri, CardPointers in AR”
  • Via the cube icon at the top left of the Pointers screen

Once you have the camera open you can just point it at any store while you walk around to see your best card. Tap on any of the stores, and you'll see the Best Card Wizard highlighting the details of your rewards, automatically.

There’s also an Open Nearby Pointers button which will show you all of the stores closest to you, sorted by distance.

And of course this feature is 100% privacy-focused, just like everything I do with CardPointers: your location and camera data never leave your device.

I hope you’ll love this feature as much as I have developing it. Here’s a short video from Max Miles points introducing the feature:

And a video of my last trip to Target showing it in action, too:

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