The most-requested CardPointers feature is finally possible thanks to iOS 17 and all of the work over the last 4.5 years: start AutoPilot when you head out for errands, and every time you get to a store your lock screen will show you your best card to use at that store, all automatically!

The recommendation factors in your category rewards and any offers you have at that store, all automatically. It’s never been easier to save money and use the right card every time.

You can start AutoPilot in 4 ways:

  • Via the For You screen by tapping on the AutoPilot shortcut
  • Via the new Lock Screen and Home Screen widgets called “Start AutoPilot”
  • Via App Shortcut, just say “Siri, CardPointers AutoPilot”
  • Via the new iPhone 15 Pro’s action button (watch the video below)

When you’re back home from shopping, just swipe left on the live activity and tap on “Clear” to dismiss it, and start thinking about where all of those extra points and savings can take you. It’s that easy.

As with everything I’ve built into CardPointers, this feature was built privacy-first, and all location data stays on your device, thanks to the deep OS integration with Apple Maps.

I hope you’ll love this feature as much as I have developing it, it’s been a game-changer and I think it will be for you, too. Here’s a short video showing how it works:

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