How to Install on Safari

Download CardPointers from App Store

The Safari extension comes with the CardPointers app, so you’ll want to download the latest update for iPhone, iPad, or Mac:

After logging in, just follow these steps once to enable the extension:

Open your device’s Settings

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  1. Tap on Safari
  2. Tap on Extensions
  3. Tap on CardPointers to go to the detail page for the extension

Extension Details

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  1. Turn on the CardPointers toggle
  2. Configure permissions at the bottom of the screen by tapping on All Websites
  3. Then tap on Allow so that the extension can automatically run; if you prefer to manually activate it, you can leave it on Ask

Start Saving

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  1. Tap on the aA button in the location bar from any tab in Safari
  2. Tap on the CardPointers extension to view its popup where you can see which card to use on that site, your Amex/Chase Offers, and configure various aspects of the extension via the Settings tab

Auto-Adding Amex, Chase, BoA, and Citi Offers

If you have any Amex, Chase, BoA, or Citi cards, the CardPointers extension can auto-add all of your offers for you securely every time you log in to each bank website when you have the extension enabled. All of those offers will be automatically synchronized with the app, and also surfaced whenever you’re shopping online so that you remember to use the offers to save money every day. Here’s a great video showing how that works:

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