What are point values / how do I use the points that I earn?

Other than cashback cards, the points that a credit card earns can be worth varying amounts to different people based on how they will use those points.

For example, Chase Ultimate Rewards may only be worth 1¢/point to someone who only has a Chase Freedom card, but if a user has or plans to have a Chase Sapphire Preferred card, which would allow transferring of those points, the points could be worth 2¢/point or more based on redemptions in premium cabins, hotel stays, etc, depending on the partner program. For more information on maximizing the points that you earn on your cards, be sure to explore the Learn More section in Settings.

By default, all of the credit cards have default values which are used in calculating which cards are recommended over others, however these values are completely configurable by the user.

To customize the point value of each of your cards, tap on the card to open the Card Details screen, then tap on Customize Card, and use the +/- stepper to increase or decrease the point value based on your valuation.

Note that you can tap on the label to enter a value via keyboard.

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