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Apple Wallet Passes

Open Apple Pay and know which card to use for any purchase

You can now add Apple Wallet Passes on your iPhone so that you can see which card to use at any store, right alongside your actual payments cards, every time you double-click the lock button to use Apple Pay. There’s never been a quicker way to make sure you earn the most points possible when you tap to pay.


You can add passes from inside the app in two ways:

  1. From any Pointer screen, tap on the ... button then Add Apple Wallet Pass
  1. Open the app’s Settings screen, then Apple Wallet Passes, and add any pointer category, or the Top Pointers one for your top 3 pointers.

You can also download Apple Wallet Passes right from your CardPointers web account:


Here’s a great video showing how well this works at time of payment:

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