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Differences between the iPhone and Android app

Each app is custom-built for each platform for best performance

The Android and iPhone apps are completely different codebases, each is built to each platform's strengths, and makes the apps extremely fast, with great offline support, and native feeling. As such, there are differences in functionality, but all of the core features are present in both.


There is a new dashboard (which includes 5/24 tracking) and new pointers system which was just launched for the Apple apps a few weeks ago, and is already in progress for Android, with a big release planned in the coming weeks bringing over these great new features to that platform, too, along with some other Android 13 improvements.


Personal Offers are already integrated into the app via the Chrome extension, which syncs automatically to your CardPointers account.


Google doesn’t yet offer a way to do Location Reminders in the same way as Apple, and they only just added the ability to add Wallet Passes like Apple (and that will be coming with the next update).

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